A short look back in time, what I did in the past and how I started:

  • when I was about 13 I started with QBasic, tried to make some simple games, PowerBasic, DOS4GW, Pascal, C, C++ followed in the next years and I sticked to C++ for a long time
  • With C and C++, my first 2d/3d engine called EVE was born. I rewrote the whole engine (learning process, as you get better and better, and find other solutions over time) 4 times.
  • Later a highly modular engine followed in C++ called IVY, but then I got my first Mac (iBook G4) and I lost Visual Studio as IDE.
  • For about 4 years I switched to Java (IDE: Eclipse) as the performance impact isn’t that huge anymore and Eclipse is a great IDE. This was the time when the current engine AMY4j was born. All learned solutions, everything from the past flow into it now.
  • Next to Java I code ObjC (iOS) and JavaScript, PHP, etc… If you know some languages, the jump to another is not hard anymore :-)